Barn Painting

New Life for Old Barns.

Barn Painting is a skill that takes years to hone and perfect. Bill was born and bred in Ohio, and spent 24 years serving our country in the US Army. Now, his passion is country living. He enjoys the reward of preserving our countryside. Restoring barns is how Bill would spend all of his days if he could.With his expertise we will revitalize the look of your old barn.
Bill Glick Painting Image for a Freshly Painted Red Heritage Barn
Bill Glick Barn Painting Image showing a freshly painted red heritage barn with a tractor implement in front of it.

Showcase your Property.

With our years of experience, we can provide your farm or property with a new look. Exterior Barn Painting by Bill Glick Painting will show you how to highlight your most important piece of real estate.

Keeping old heritage alive.

Look no further than Bill Glick Painting. We have years of experience in painting barns.
Bill Glick Barn Painting Image showing a out of focus Red heritage barn through a small field

Let us make your vision a reality

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